CBW 016- Minnesota State’s Pat Monaghan & Coaching Tips from “Big House” Gaines

In this episode for basketball coaches by basketball coaches…Baskebtall Coach Pat Monaghan

I. An interview with Minnesota State Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Pat Monaghan.

For Pat’s bio from the Minnesota State website please click here.

Among the things we discuss are…

  • What he learned from Kyle Green, Jim Whitesell, & Jay Herkelman
  • Preseason:
    • The importance of players adapting to the coaching staff
  • In-season:
    • Defensive focus
  • Recruiting:
    • IQ of the game
    • Play hard
  • Tips for Young Coaches
    • Don’t be afraid to go to a lower level to network and connect.

II. Tip of the Week- Learning From Legends: Hall of Famer, “Big House” Gaines

828 wins, 1967 NCAA DII National Championship, 1982 Basketball Hall of FameBasketball Coach "Big House" Gaines

  • Winning isn’t everything.
  • Inspire by rewarding effort.
  • Looked for leaders in recruiting.
  • Best communication tip: put player in car and drive (not recommended today for legal reasons!)
  • Coach should create team spirit.
  • Like players that took chances.
  • Gave players from tough circumstances a chance if they were willing to work.
  • There is, and should be, a difference between a ‘wanna be’ and a ‘gonna be!’
  • Can never prepare too much.
  • Don’t be a dummy.
  • Never set too many rules.
  • Everyone is motivated by something different.

For Coach Gaines’ book please click here.

Until next time, Coach ’em up!

Hal Wilson

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