About Coach Hal Wilson

If you’ve come to this page, it is probably for one of two reasons:

1. You love the site & want to know more about my background (or you are my mom)

2. You are skeptical & want to know more about my background before taking any of my advice

Either option is a valid reason, but I hope it is number one! (Hi, mom!)

My Teams, By the Numbers…

  • 1     State championships (GA) with girls
  • 1     Highest state ranking (NC) with boys
  • 2     NBA draft picks at the college level
  • 2     Schools led to the state playoffs for the first time in school history
  • 3     McDonald’s All-­Americans at the college level
  • 4     Schools that have set a school record for wins while coaching there
  • 4     Highest national ranking at the college level
  • 5’3” Shortest varsity starter at the high school level
  • 7’2” Tallest varsity starter at the high school level
  • 9     Programs coached (2 college, 4 HS, 1 MS, 1 travel, 1 recreation)
  • 16   (Sweet 16) Deepest run in NCAA tournament at the college level
  • 20   Different basketball camps worked in 10 different states (AL, CT, GA, MI, NC, OH, SC, TN, & VA)
  • 61   Seniors coached
  • 109  Most points our team scored as a head coach
  • 110  Most points our team scored as an assistant coach


Frequently Asked Questions: (Click the links for more info)

F.A.Q. 1: Yeah, but have you won any CHAMPIONSHIPS?

F.A.Q. 2: Yeah, but what LEVELS  have you coached?

F.A.Q. 3: Yeah, but did any of your players play in COLLEGE?

F.A.Q. 4: Yeah, but did any of your players play PRO?

F.A.Q. 5: Yeah, but have you received any RECOGNITION?


But, the most important thing is it’s not about me! The entire point of starting Coaching Basketball Wisely was to share information from the best coaches at every level of basketball from around the world- not because I thought I had all the answers because I don’t! However, I do relentlessly pursue the answers and want to share what I find with you!

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