What Is Coaching Basketball Wisely All About?

Coach Hal Wilson and Ja'Rius Ross PictureMy name is Dr. Hal Wilson, and why should you care what I have to say? Basketball has been very good to me and I want to pay the game back by sharing coaching tips and strategies for coaches of all levels and experience. If you’ve ever wanted to know one of these two things then you’re in the right place:

  • How to do a better job coaching basketball.

    • Tips of how to get the most out of your players, your staff, and yourself.
  • How to get a better job coaching basketball.

    • Tips on getting in, moving up, and giving back in the basketball coaching profession.

Why do I do it?

Other than my parents, two of my coaches in high school and college were the most influential people in my life. I want to pass on their investment in me by sharing what I’ve learned from my successes and failures in nearly 20 years of coaching, and also bring in the best and brightest minds in basketball today to share their stories and basketball coaching tips. I have been part of teams that won numerous championships, others than really struggled, and everything in-between as a NCAA Division I walk-on player, a manager, an undergraduate assistant coach, a major college graduate assistant coach, an assistant coach, and a head coach on YBOA & AAU, middle school. high school, mid-major DI, and major college DI teams. I have been a part of teams that were ranked #1 in the state in HS, #4 in the nation in college, and won numerous championships.  I hope my experiences may help you and hope to share the stories of many other coaches at every level in every part of the country.

  • Click here if you’re interested in more info on my coaching background.
  • Click here if you’re interested in a story about one team I was blessed to coach .

What Do Coaches Say?

USA Basketball BJ Johnson   BJ Johnson, USA Basketball Assistant Men’s National Team Director  14 Apr

“I love your website!”



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