CBW 015- Oklahoma State’s Chris Ferguson & Coaching Tips from John Chaney

In this episode for basketball coaches by basketball coaches…

I. A shout out to the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society

II. An interview with Oklahoma State Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Ferguson.

Coach Ferguson For his bio from the Oklahoma State website please click here.

Among the things we discuss are…

  • What he learned from Jerry Green, Tom Apke, Bill Foster, Buzz Peterson, Ricky Stokes, Sean Sutton, & Travis Ford.
  • How kids have changed- need more time off the court.
  • Preseason:
    • The importance of individual workouts (Rick Pitino)
    • Finishing at full-speed
  • In-season:
    • Some of the best drills are drills without the basketball
  • Offseason:
    • Has players develop their own plan
  • Recruiting:
    • As a player- head and heart
    • As a coach- lower levels need more numbers in their recruiting base
  • Family-life balance
    • Eat one meal a day as a family
  • Tips for Young Coaches
    • Connections & Being Positive

III. Tip of the Week- Reducing Turnovers ideas based on former Temple Coach John Chaney

  1. Passing is a team skill
  2. The point guard determines team philosophy
  3. Post men must play in a crowd
  4. We design how we win or lose
  5. Discipline (Roles, Rules, & Responsibilities)
Until next time, Coach ’em up!

Hal Wilson

After coaching and working with basketball teams at the college and high school level in a variety of roles for 18 years, I have returned to finish my Ph.D. in Kinesiology.  This www.CoachingBasketballWisely.com website is a way to share the coaching tips, strategies, and techniques gathered in a career in coaching.  See more info on me here.

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