CBW 017- Florida Atlantic’s Tim Kaine & Coaching Tips from Michigan’s John Beilein

In this episode for basketball coaches by basketball coaches…Men's Basketball Coach Tim Kaine

I. An interview with Florida Atlantic University Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Tim Kaine.

For Tim’s bio from the FAU website please click here.

Among the things we discuss are…

  • What he learned from his mentors: Coach David Scott, Coach Matt McMahon, Coach Dave Loos at Austin Peay, Coach Tom Palombo at NCAA DIII, Coach Randy Peele at Winthrop, Coach Mike Jarvis at Florida Atlantic.
  • Preseason:
    • Make it tough- see who will fight and become leaders.
  • In-season:
    • Focuses on their guys and not getting too caught up on their opponents.
  • Post-season:
    • “Hot Seat” meeting with the entire staff. Packet for each player- 1 word to describe the player.
  • Recruiting Tips:
    • Looks for upside, recruit character, not characters
  • Getting into college coaching:
    • Work camps, find mentors, work hard

II. Coaching Tip of the Week- University of Michigan Head Men’s Basketball Coach, John Beilein’s “Little Things Head Men's Basketball Coach John Beileinthat Make a Big Difference” from 2001.

  • Tell kids what they’re doing right
  • Pump them up. Lie if you have to.
  • Team is never as bad or as good as you think.
  • Begins every practice with 15-20 minutes of hard, competitive shooting
  • Don’t screen to enter, screen to score
  • Play with elbows away from the body
  • Ball must see you before you cut
  • Play with small steps in the halfcourt area
  • Shooting drills
    • 3 players, 2 balls (1 shooter, 1 rebounder, 1 passer)
      • Rebounder must box out, go up with 2 hands, come down on two feet, etc.
    • Make 10 3’s in a minute (1 ball, 1 rebounder)
    • Make 100 in 10 minutes is the ultimate goal
    • Make 12 3’s in 55 seconds (2 balls, 1 rebounder)
    • Always charts shooting drills to see who gets the “green light”
    • Shooting drills are always cometitive
    • Vary penalties for losers
  • Show junk early so opponents must prepare for them
  • Must have a 3 point prevent defensive call
  • Plays zone on baseline out of bounds to see if he can use it later
  • Played zone to start a game if he didn’t know anything about the opponent

Until next time, Coach ’em up!

Hal Wilson

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