CBW 011- National Champion Pat Miller, Josh Dinkins & Kevin Love’s Rebounding Tips

In this episode by basketball coaches for basketball coaches….

I. An interview with 2012 Men’s Basketball NCAA DIII National Champion Coach Pat Miller of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Wisconsin Whitewater Basketball Coach Pat Miller

Click here for a link to more info on Coach Miller from the UWW website.

Among the things we discuss are…

  • Overcoming an 18-point deficit to win the 2012 Men’s Basketbal Division III National Championship.
  • Playing and working for a Hall of Fame coach.
  • The transition from assistant coach to head coach.
  • The 5 Pillars of their Program
  1. Collective Responsibility
  2. Discipline
  3. Work Ethic
  4. Toughness
  5. Communication
  • His ideal roster size
  • In-season tips on practice length, scouting reports, and lifting weights.
  • Post-season ideas
  • Recruiting in DIII

-What they look for
-What makes a complete player
-Tiebreakers in recruiting

  • Balancing family life
  • Tips for young coaches
  • How he continues to learn & grow as a coach

II. An interview with former NCAA DII Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant Coach of Hawaii-Pacific University, Josh Dinkins. Josh was also a student manager for Mike Anderson at Missouri.

Click Josh Dinkins Bio for .pdf version of Coach Dinkins’ bio from the Hawaii Pacific Media Guide.

Among the things we discuss are…

  • The role of a graduate assistant in DII
  • Preseason, In-season, & Post-season ideas
  • Recruiting from Hawaii

III. Tip of the Week- Rebounding Tips from Kevin Love in ESPN The Magazine & some ideas on how to apply them in practice.

NBA Basketball Player Kevin Love

The April 2012 edition of ESPN the Magazine had an article titled “6 Things About Cleaning the Glass” by Minnesota Timberwolves rebounding machine Kevin Love as told to Chris Palmer.

  1. You’ve Got to be Pushy (Fight like crazy)
  2. First Come, First Served (Get in position first)
  3. Assume Everything is a Miss (Get to know your teammates shots)
  4. Stand Your Ground (Get a body on your man’s thighs and legs)
  5. Anything Goes
  6. You’ll Feel it in the Morning (You need a high tolerance for pain)



Until next time, Coach ’em up!

Hal Wilson

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