We’re Back! Live at the 2012 Final Four in New Orleans

Coaches, I am sorry for the delay in releasing new material, but I am happy to report that we are getting back in the saddle!  It turns out that having our first child, trying to be a good husband & father, being active in our church leadership, teaching my classes, and coaching my team left less time for the website than I thought!

I am happy to say that we will be in New Orleans for the NCAA Final Four recording live interviews with coaches from all levels and all parts of the country.  We’ve got coaches lined up from the big time and coaches that make the big time where they are- both young and veteran.  If you want to get involved let us know on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CoachingBasketbalWisely or on Twitter  @coachhalwilson.  Coaches have to help coaches!



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