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Back when I was trying to make a DI team in college as a walk-on there was a player on the team with the BEST WORK ETHIC of any human I had ever seen and still have ever seen. HisBasketball Coach Ganon Baker and Kobe Bryant name was Ganon Baker.

Today, most of the basketball world now knows about Ganon’s passion and expertise in basketball, but I saw it first-hand 18 years ago.   For the last 10 years Ganon has traveled the world working the some of the best players alive, making workout videos, and motivating the masses.  I proudly endorse his products and services and hope that any player or coach who is serious about skill development will check out his website today.

I even got Ganon to throw in a 10% off  **20% off** deal by using the coupon code CBW

Click this link to check out his products… Get 20% off on Ganon Baker Basketball DVDs 

Don’t just take my word for it- check out his products and let me know what you think!

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