Will You Accept the D.O.S.E. Challenge?

D.O.S.E. Challenge Membership CardWe will discuss the D.O.S.E. Challenge (Days of Service and Engagement) on the CBW Podcast Episode #22, but please click this link if you think sports can be a force for good in your community and are willing to do something about it!

Be a part of a new worldwide movement!

There is also more info at www.CoachingWisely.com/dose/

The D.O.S.E. Challenge:

Scheduling Change Through Sports Community Service & Engagement

What does D.O.S.E. stand for?

  • Days of Service and Engagement

What is the challenge?

  • Simply for any coach, at any level, in any sport, in any country to include at least one community service activity or community engagement strategy on their official public game schedule. What you do and how you do it is completely up to you, but we do provide some examples if you are interested.

Does it cost anything?

  • No! Joining our new worldwide movement is completely free. Whether your community service and engagement costs any money to implement is completely up to you, but there are many free ways to give back through sports.

Is there a catch? Are you trying to make money off this? Is it a scam?

  • No, no, and no! We believe in the power of sport to positively impact the world, and want to see that idea spread and see those that are already doing it publicize it.

If I’m already doing community service do I have to change what I’m doing?

  • No! You do not have to change anything. One of the main reasons this challenge came about was that the negative side of sports seems to get more attention than all of the positive. We are simply trying to highlight all the good work already being done and encourage others to start or expand their community service and engagement efforts.

But I don’t do community service for the recognition so why would I do this?

  • We realize that many teams already do multiple types of community service and engagement, and that sometimes this is involves sensitive situations where publicity would be inappropriate. Keep doing good work privately if you feel that is best, but try to find one other activity that you can publicly highlight. We include at least one public activity to highlight the positive impact sports can have on their community.

How do I sign up to accept the D.O.S.E. Challenge?

  • Click here to sign up to publicly accept the D.O.S.E. Challenge.

 Do you have any examples of service and engagement?






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