CBW 009- Clemson’s Brad Brownell & the Offensive Big Picture

In this episode by basketball coaches for basketball coaches….Clemson Basketball Coach Brad Brownell

I. An interview with Clemson University Men’s Basketball Head Coach Brad Brownell.  Clemson is a NCAA DI school in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Click here for a link to Coach Brownell’s bio from the Clemson University website.

Among the things we discuss in the interview are…

  • What he learned from other coaches along the way like his father, Royce Waltman, Jim Crews, & Jerry Wainwright.
  • Dealing with the different expectations of his three DI jobs.
  • Using football to his advantage.
  • Building toughness, unity, and skill development in the preseason.  Giving individual attention in the preseason.
  • Using “pre-practice” during the season, stretching, then keep tempo high through short drills.
  • Preparing for opponents during the season.
  • How he handles the offseason- c. 10 days off then individual meetings focusing on plan to improve in one or two areas.
  • Recruiting tips for players and his perspective as a college coach (Coachability!) & insights into recruiting at the different locations he’s been.
  • Balancing his personal life and the job- making time for his kids and with his wife.
  • How he keeps learning and growing as a coach.
  • Tips for young coaches wanting to get into college coaching (be ready to sleep on a couch!)

II. Today’s Tip: The Offensive Big Picture!

Can you describe your offense?  More importantly- can your players?  Here are some key situations your players need to be prepared for…

  • Post iso (can be for a post or a perimeter player)
  • Drive iso (can be for a post or a perimeter player)
  • Need a 3
  • Vs. extreme ball pressure and/or denying
  • Vs. traps
  • Delay game (what shots are allowed?)
  • Vs. junk defenses (triangle and 2, box & 1, et.c)
  • Vs. odd front zones (1-2-2, 3-2, 1-3-1)
  • Vs. even front zones (2-3, 2-1-2)

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Until next time, Coach ’em up!

Hal Wilson

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