Wayne McClain Named Champaign Central HS (IL) Head Boys Basketball Coach

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In McClain, Maroons getting much more than just a coach

McClain hired as Central coach

“Considering what the 58-year-old has accomplished throughout his career, it’s somewhat surprising that the mementoes aren’t visibly present in his home. But to hear McClain, who was named to replace Scott Davis at Champaign Central after 11 years as an assistant coach at Illinois and one on Weber’s staff at Kansas State, speak about the most important aspects of what it means to him to be a coach, it makes sense.

‘It’s not about the records and the championships and all that,’ McClain said. ‘That’s all good and you want to have that success for the kids, but at the end of the day, I want the kids to say I was a major part of their lives; that I helped them become men.'”


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