06/26/12 Hagerstown CC Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach


The Assistant coach position is responsible for assisting the Head Coach with all aspects of running a college sports team/program. Responsibilities include: recruitment, practice management, game management, academic monitoring and fundraising.


Education and experience – College degree preferre; two years related experience.
CPR certification required and also a valid drivers license.
Skills and abilities – Excellent communication skills; ability to handle both themselves and the student athletes in an appropriate manner which is in line with college expectations; ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with administrative staff, deans, faculty, coaches, student athletes and the general public.
  • Assists the Head Coach in all aspects of athletic program development.
  • Works within HCC’s and the Athletic Department’s policies and procedures to accomplish goals.Assist the Head Coach with recruitment of student athletes from HCC’s service area that are capable of benefiting from a community college education and athletic program.
  • Assess the physical abilities, academic background and personal character of the senior athletes in HCC’s service area.
  • Initiate personal contact with the high school coaches and each athlete.
  • Assist the head Coach in conducting well organized practices and provide for the physical conditioning and skill training for each athlete.
  • Assist athletes in transferring to a four-year institution.
  • Serve as a positive role model for student athletes.
  • Must use the dedicated service approach and a high level of respect, tact, and courtesy in dealing with student athletes, other coaching staffs, officials, college staff members and members of the community.
  • Posses good work habits, such as punctuality, attendance, dependability, cooperation and enthusiasm.

To apply for this position, complete the on-line employment application. Title of position and requisition number (req. #) must be referenced in application materials. Attach a letter of application, a full resume including all educational qualifications and work experience with clear delineation of full- and part-time employment (length of service, job titles, and duties) and three letters of reference. Materials may also be submitted by email to hr@hagerstowncc.edu or send to: Human Resources Office, Hagerstown Community College, 11400 Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown, Maryland 21742-6590. Application Deadline: All applications/resumes received by June 21, 2012 are assured full consideration. This position is considered open until filled.

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It is your responsibility to verify the information.  Good luck!


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