06/18/12 Bucknell Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Basketball Coach Job Description:

  • Responsible for on-floor coaching and recruitment of academically-qualified student athletes for a NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball program, within the guidelines, rules and regulations of Bucknell University, the NCAA, and the Conference.
  • This position shall serve as the third assistant.


1. Lead training and practice sessions, ensuring that all appropriate safety guidelines and standards are maintained. Perform specific coaching responsibilities during athletic events. Attend coaches preparatory meetings and implement strategies resulting from these meetings.

2. Assigned responsibilities within the daily operations and overall administration of the sports program.

3. Develop a comprehensive and functional knowledge of the sport and maintain a thorough and continuing familiarity with all applicable University and NCAA regulations.

4. Scout and recruit quality student-athletes under the guidance and direction of the head coach and coordinate all recruiting activities with the head coach and with appropriate Departmental personnel. Be responsible to identify, cultivate and assess for a specific geographical area or position group

5. Serve as an Academic Enhancement staff member responsible for all facets of the sport specific academic program, including the monitoring of individual student-athletes academic progress as expressed by the faculty. Demonstrate an active interest in the academic progress of student-athletes. Work closely with all appropriate Departmental personnel to assure academic success of student-athletes.

6. Work with student-athletes to monitor adherence to rules and regulations regarding conduct, appearance and behavior. Provide individual counseling to student-athletes when appropriate and direct the student-athlete to professional staff when needed.

7. Work closely with the athletic training staff to insure the safety of all student-athletes.

8. Perform other duties as assigned.

9. Teach in Departmental wellness program as assigned.

11. Represents the sports program to various institutional programs and externally to the media, funding agencies, students, parents, faculty and the general public.

12. Maintain current CPR and First Aid Certifications.


Minimum Requirements:

1.Bachelors Degree required.
2.Strong communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills combined with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and student-athletes having a range of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Collegiate playing and/or coaching experience preferred.
  2. Proven integrity, leadership, and a thorough knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations is essential.
  3. Candidate should possess a strong commitment and ability to motivate, teach, counsel, and recruit academically qualified student-athletes.

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