06/04/12 Owens CC Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Basketball Coach Job Description:

Responsibilities of this position include sustaining, organizing, planning and coordinating the intercollegiate men’s basketball program. Duties include recruiting, scheduling, fundraising, and coaching of all home and away games. Marketing and promoting of the men’s basketball program.

Minimum three (3) years coaching experience at the high school and/or club level needed, collegeiate level prefered. Communication and supervision skills preferred. First aid/CPR training preferred, training available if needed. Knowledge of all basketball rules necessary.

Thorough knowledge of all athletics policies approved by the NJCAA, OCCAC and Owens Community College
Understand FERPA and the proper administrative line of command and refer all student and parent requests or grievances through proper channels
Knowledge and background in the assigned sport

Teach sports techniques, playing rules, strategies and playing tactics
Condition athletes appropriately for activities requiring endurance, strength and agility
Conduct practices and contests safely, supervising locker rooms and buses

Assist the head coach in carrying out his or her responsibilities.
Instruct team members about rules and changes in the rules and teach fundamentals of the sport as outlined by the head coach.
Help in the planning and implementation of both in-season and out-of-season conditioning and weight programs.

Accountable for personal actions on and off campus properties
Arrive early enough before practice, contests and meetings to adequately prepare and remain long enough afterward to help players with problems or to become involved in staff discussions
Never criticizes, admonishes or argues with head coach or any staff member within ears or eyes of players, parents, or fans
Strive to improve skills by attending clinics



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