06/04/12 Mid Michigan Head Men’s Basketball Coach

The Head Coach is responsible for all aspects of running and managing the team including recruiting, training, retention of quality student-athletes, and coaching. The Head Coach must develop, manage, and provide leadership for all functions of an effective program.
The position includes analysis, attention to detail, judgment, work standards, decisiveness, initiative, planning and organization, informal communication, persuasiveness, written communication, self-reliance, oral presentations, sensitivity, stress tolerance, commitment to the college, dependability, and teamwork.

1. Provides leadership, organizes, directs and administers all aspects of the program.
2. Identifies, evaluates & recruits academically prepared students in accordance with
College policies and NJCAA regulations.
3. Supervises and evaluates assistant coaches and staff.
4. Provides mentoring and academic oversight of student athletes to ensure retention &
5. Encourages and nurtures success among student athletes in the areas of citizenship,
academics, and athletics.
6. Instructs players on rules, regulations, use of equipment, strategies, and proper technique.
7. Organizes and manages quality practices on a reasonable schedule.
8. Determines and implements game strategies.
9. Responsible for the safety and conduct of the team while conducting the program with
the highest degree of integrity.
10. Provides leadership for the team and displays good sportsmanship toward players,
opponents, officials, and spectators.
11. Maintains and monitors equipment.
12. Leads and participates in efforts to raise funds for the MMCC athletic programs.
13. Maintains fiscal responsibility and integrity.
14. Participates in community, campus, and athletic initiatives when appropriate.
15. Must support and initiate campus and community engagement.
16. Maintains a positive relationship with the administration, faculty, students and parents.
17. Timely submission of all required requests/paperwork.
18. Supports and serves as a role model for our mission, vision, values, and student service
initiatives. Adheres to the organization’s policies & procedures, and compliance
19. Performs other duties as assigned.

 Knowledge of rules, regulations, and strategies.
 Ability to work effectively with players, administrators, parents, and
the community.
 Knowledge of collegiate sports programs, NJCCA and MCCAA rules
and eligibility requirements, and compliance with NJCAA and
College regulations.
 Skills in managing operations, budgeting, and supervising personnel.
 Must be well organized with the ability to handle multiple
assignments as well as maintain records and files as needed.
 Problem solving and decision making skills.
 Excellent communication skills (written and oral).
 Self-motivated and able to work without constant supervision.
 Must have working knowledge of physical education, athletic, and
recreation equipment and facilities.

 Bachelor’s degree preferred.
 Successful completion of NJCAA certification exam preferred.
 First Aid and CPR certification required (or ability to receive cert.).

 At least five years of High School Varsity Coaching experience or
one year of collegiate level coaching experience preferred.
 Fundraising experience preferred.



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