The Dubious Dozen: 12 Crucial Coaching Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

The Dubious Dozen: 12 Crucial Coaching Mistakes and

How to Avoid Them

1. “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.” Have a Plan! Be Specific & Cover the Details.

2. How is Your Portion Control- Too Much Too Fast or Too Little Too Late?  Follow the Plan!

3. Not Communicating The Plan.  Who Knows the Plan?

4. Assuming Anything.  Who Understands the Plan?  No Parrots!

5. Not Being Flexible.  Adjust the Plan!

6. Not Following Through.  Is the Plan in Action or Collecting Dust?

7. Are you Programming Robots or Conducting Jazz?  Build Freedom into the Plan!

8. Has Your Team (not just players) Bought In?  Sell the Plan Daily!

9. Are you a Micro-Maniac?  Delegate to Get the Plan Done!

10. Stay Out of My Bubble!  Listen to Negative Feedback.  Stick to the Plan!

11. Show & Tell Still Works.  Show & Tell Your Team (not just players) How You Feel About Them- it’s in the Plan!

12. Same old, same old.  Evaluate and Adjust the Plan After the Season.

Until next time, coach ’em up!

 -Hal Wilson


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