CBW 008- Strength Guru Alan Stein & Skill Building Through Variety

In this episode by basketball coaches for basketball coaches….

I. An interview with Nike Performance Consultant, StrongerTeam.com founder, and DeMatha Catholic High School Head Strength Coach Alan Stein.Basketball Strength Coach Alan Stein

Click here for a link to Coach Stein’s bio from the StrongerTeam website.

Among the things we discuss in the interview are…

  • How he got into basketball specific strength & conditioning.
  • Answering the “How do I dunk question” and other common questions/myths.
  • Basketball strength & conditioning considerations in the preseason, inseason, and “offseason.”
  • Age appropriate strength and conditioning for junior high, middle school, and younger kids.
  • What equipment he recommends on a limited budget.
  • Balancing his personal life and the job.
  • Tips for coaches wanting to get into strength & conditioning.

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II. Today’s Tip: Skill Building Through Variety

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