Championship Experience

F.A.Q. 1: Yeah, But Have You Won Any Championships?

1x State Champion

  • Last in 2015

4x League Champion 1997-2015

  • Last in 2015

5x In-Season Tournament Champion 1994-2005

  • Last in 2005

5x School Record for Wins (at 4 different schools)

  • Last in 2008


  • 1st ever state playoff appearance at North Oconee HS (GA) as Varsity Boys Head Coach, 2008
  • 1st ever in-season tournament championship at Grayson HS (GA) as Varsity Boys Head Coach, 2005
  • 1st ever state playoff appearance at Grayson HS (GA) as Varsity Boys Head Coach, 2004
  • 1st ever state playoff Sectional Championship at East Burke HS (NC) as Varsity Boys Assistant Coach, 1998
  • 1st ever CAA Conference championship at UNCW as Men’s Undergraduate Assistant, 1997

However, I also had teams that really struggled and know the pain of fighting just to be competitive! I don’t trust a coach who has never lost (they’ve either been really lucky, had far more talent than the competition, cheated, or all three!). Roy Williams had a losing record as a high school coach, Coach K was coming off a losing season at Army when he got the Duke job, Gregg Popovich won 2 games in his first year as a college coach (and they turned out to do pretty well!).


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F.A.Q. 2: Yeah, but what LEVELS have you coached?

F.A.Q. 3: Yeah, but did any of your players play in COLLEGE?

F.A.Q. 4: Yeah, but did any of your players play PRO?

F.A.Q. 5: Yeah, but have you received any RECOGNITION?



But, the most important thing is it’s not about me! The entire point of starting Coaching Basketball Wisely was to share information from the best coaches at every level of basketball from around the world- not because I thought I had all the answers because I don’t! However, I do relentlessly pursue the answers and want to share what I find with you!

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